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Introducing Rift Finance

Rift is a decentralized protocol that restructures incentives to improve liquidity across DeFi. Rift V2 is currently deployed on Ethereum and Aurora, the EVM compatible layer built on the NEAR Protocol.
Rift allows DAOs to achieve sustainable liquidity in decentralized exchanges without resorting to harmful alternatives. DAOs should focus their token incentives on promoting the DAO's goals, rather than auxiliary requirements like DEX liquidity management. The Rift Protocol allows DAOs to deploy governance tokens from their treasuries to pair with tokens from liquidity providers. By working together, DAOs receive the liquidity they seek and LPs receive double returns and reduced risk. As a result, both parties are able to achieve their goals in a way that they would not be able to alone.
Rift creates a simple, passive experience for both DAOs and LPs by abstracting away the complexity of DEX positions for both sides. DAOs can deploy their treasuries to achieve their liquidity goals. Liquidity providers can earn high returns. Both can do so without needing to reason about the complexity of DEXs such as impermanent loss, variable rates, or secondary asset exposure.
Rift Finance does not currently have a token.
To report any security vulnerabilities, please email [email protected].